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Game Screenshot Brief description
Bubble and Squeak
Action, Puzzle-Solving, Shooter, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 284 kb
Downloads: 1283
Bubble and Squeak Bubble and Squeak starts off similarly to many other platform games. Controlling a bald child, you move through a scrolling array of ledges, avoiding contact with nasties who release coins when shot. There are hidden areas to find as well.Halfway through the first of the 30 levels, you meet Squeak and... Read more »
Bubsy II
Action, Adventure, Medieval / Fantasy, 3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 895 kb
Downloads: 2085
Bubsy II Bubsy is back! After defeating the evil Woolies in the first game, Bubsy, the brave bob-cat, has to participate in an even more dangerous adventure: to explore a mysterious hyperdimensional mansion, inside of which there are portals that lead to different area in different locations and times. Similarly... Read more »
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
Action, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 739 kb
Downloads: 1645
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind In this 15-level action game you are Bubsy the bobcat, who have to defeat the Woolies the aliens, which steal balls of yarn. There are five different locations such as jungle, wild west, etc., where you have to jump and land on your enemies to kill them. Each time to finish the level you have to defeat... Read more »
Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday
Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based, 1st-Person Perspective
Size: 835 kb
Downloads: 724
Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday Awakened from your centuries long sleep in the 25th Century, you are Buck Rogers, ancient military hero and symbol of earlier times. As you are brought up to date, you decide to join the New Earth Organization (NEO), to fight for your home planet.Once you had fought in the cold war, a pilot sent into... Read more »
Budokan - The Martial Spirit
Simulation, Sports, Martial Arts, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 325 kb
Downloads: 1035
Budokan - The Martial Spirit Budokan is a realistic martial arts game covering Karate, Kendo, Nunchaku, and Bo. You can practice your skills alone, or spar against the instructors or your friends. Finally, when you feel you are ready, you can travel to the world championship martial arts tournament at Budokan.
Bug's Life, A
Size: 337 kb
Downloads: 672
Bug's Life, A  
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble
Action, Adventure, 3rd-Person Perspective, Platform
Size: 982 kb
Downloads: 3803
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble The game is based on the Looney Tunes cartoon movies. Bugs Bunny falls asleep, and in his dream sees Yosemite Sam developing a robot called Gossamer. The robot disobeys the commands of his master and goes out of control. Now Bugs Bunny has to enter the TV world and to correct things, bringing order back... Read more »
Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs
Sports (Basketball), Side-Scrolling
Size: 659 kb
Downloads: 579
Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs Another update in Electronic Arts' basketball series, this time featuring the teams and players from the 1992 NBA playoffs plus the East and West All-Stars.Features unchanged from the previous games include detailed stats, instant replay, substitutions, free throw T-meter and signature moves, some of... Read more »
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs
Sports (Basketball), Side-Scrolling
Size: 396 kb
Downloads: 496
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs The sequel to EA Sports' classic basketball title Lakers vs. Celtics. The core gameplay of the original is supplemented with a variety of new features, including:All 16 1991 NBA Playoff teams (up from 8 in Lakers vs. Celtics) plus the East and West All-Star Teams, plus courts with official team logos/colors.... Read more »
Burning Force
Action, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 219 kb
Downloads: 578
Burning Force In this game, you play the role of Hiromo, a blue-haired girl who roams the skies on her trusty red airbike. One day, during a routine patrol, she discovered aliens have attacked the Earth. Of course, it is up to our heroine to go on a solo mission, flying in her airbike around the Earth, fighting regular... Read more »

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