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Game Screenshot Brief description
J. League Pro Striker
Size: 746 kb
Downloads: 595
J. League Pro Striker  
J. League Pro Striker 2
Size: 775 kb
Downloads: 616
J. League Pro Striker 2  
J. League Pro Striker Final Stage
Size: 830 kb
Downloads: 616
J. League Pro Striker Final Stage  
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf
Size: 547 kb
Downloads: 599
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf  
James Bond 007 - The Duel
Action, Fighting, Side-Scrolling
Size: 299 kb
Downloads: 7418
James Bond 007 - The Duel You are James Bond 007 and you must stop a crazy professor who has the same old dream as everyone else. World domination. You have your trusty Walther PPK and you must go through a few levels with a villian at the end of every level. Such as in the first level, at the end you get to fight Jaws. To put... Read more »
James Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing
Action, Sports (Boxing), Side-Scrolling
Size: 199 kb
Downloads: 998
James Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing This is an action game based around the sport of boxing. You can play the fighters in a sequence of knockout competitions, (the computer versions also include a round-robin league). Rounds last one minute, with a short break in between them. As in the real sport, your aim is to knock your opponent down... Read more »
James Pond - Underwater Agent
Action, Arcade, Platform
Size: 163 kb
Downloads: 1020
James Pond - Underwater Agent "James Pond" is (obviously) a parody on the famous agent 007 stories. You control Pond, a fish-like creature, who has to complete several missions, while making his way through levels full of dangers and hostile creatures. It is not a typical "jump and run" game: instead of breezing... Read more »
James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish
Action, Arcade, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1059 kb
Downloads: 973
James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish Unlike the first game of the series, that was a mission-based game, and the second one, where your character had unique abilities such as observing the whole level and growing to unlimited height, "James Pond 3" is a standard jump and run platform game. Pond can run very quickly (by holding... Read more »
James Pond II - Codename RoboCod
Action, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 274 kb
Downloads: 860
James Pond II - Codename RoboCod In his second adventure James Pond must retrieve the toys Dr Maybe has stolen. Pond has been armed with an Inspector Gadget-style stretch device, which he can use to view higher areas or claw onto ceilings so as to slide across them.The gameplay takes place across worlds themed around particular types... Read more »
Sports (Basketball), 3rd-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1016 kb
Downloads: 931
Jammit As the name implies, this is strictly a basketball game. It has a black-basketball theme (as seen in a lot of odd American movies) and has a myriad of game options (one on one, group etc.).

Also, it has a betting option, but other than that it's your typical run-of-the-mill basketball game.


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