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Game Screenshot Brief description
F-117 Night Storm
Size: 1329 kb
Downloads: 1246
F-117 Night Storm  
F-15 Strike Eagle II
Action, Simulation, Flight, 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 450 kb
Downloads: 7067
F-15 Strike Eagle II The second in the series features campaigns in Lybia, the Persian Gulf, The Middle East and Vietnam, making for a total of 250,000 miles of potential action and danger. Primary and secondary aerial and ground-based targets must be destroyed on each of these. You are armed with a cannon, AMRAAM long-range... Read more »
F-22 Interceptor
Simulation, Flight, 1st-Person Perspective
Size: 579 kb
Downloads: 1010
F-22 Interceptor This simulation puts you in the cockpit of the F-22. You can choose from 3 difficulty settings and fly strike missions in 4 theaters of war (United States, Iraq, Korea and Russia) with increasing difficulty. You can also challenge aces from each theater and design custom missions.

To complete a mission,... Read more »

F1 Circus MD
Size: 285 kb
Downloads: 853
F1 Circus MD  
F1 Grand Prix - Nakajima Satoru
Racing / Driving, Simulation, Top-Down
Size: 229 kb
Downloads: 758
F1 Grand Prix - Nakajima Satoru Satoru Nakajima, the first Japanese driver to race full-time in Formula 1, licensed this racing game which combines arcade and simulation elements. The full 1991 season is recreated, with the chance to do individual races or a full season. Before the race you can modify several areas of the car set-up,... Read more »
F1 Super License - Nakajima Satoru
Size: 371 kb
Downloads: 812
F1 Super License - Nakajima Satoru  
F1 World Championship
Racing / Driving, Sports, Arcade
Size: 1103 kb
Downloads: 1932
F1 World Championship A Formula 1 game with real teams & drivers, from the 1994

season. Including Benetton, Ferrari, Williams, Jordan, Lotus,

Minardi, Tyrrell & McLaren. Also there are 16 circuits including the

Monaco Grand Prix, so you can race for real against the

might of Schumacher & Hill.

Faery Tale Adventure, The
Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Medieval / Fantasy
Size: 244 kb
Downloads: 1246
Faery Tale Adventure, The Probably the title that Microillusions is best known for. You take on the role of three brothers wandering through the magical land of Holm. Real-time interaction reminiscent of Ultima 7. An extremely large world, touted at the time as the largest game world ever created, about 17,000 computer screens... Read more »
Family Feud
Size: 276 kb
Downloads: 676
Family Feud  
Action, 3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 239 kb
Downloads: 1541
Fantasia Fantasia takes place in the dream world of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.Mickey must find the missing musical notes scattered about in four imaginary worlds. The Water World, Earth World, Air World and Fire World are filled with magical creatures such as marching brooms, skipping mushrooms,... Read more »

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