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Game Screenshot Brief description
Action, Adventure, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1235 kb
Downloads: 2163
Pinocchio Journey through as Geppetto, the carpenter's live wooden puppet, Pinocchio, as he did in his Disney animated film - which itself was based on a children's novel.Have Pinocchio run, jump and twist-kick through all the familiar places, including the inside of a whale, and do good deeds enough to become... Read more »
Pioneer LaserActive BIOS
Size: 92 kb
Downloads: 293
Pioneer LaserActive BIOS  
Pirates of Dark Water, The
Action, Adventure, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1540 kb
Downloads: 14061
Pirates of Dark Water, The Dark Water is slowly taking over the world of Mer. With his last words, King Primus tells his son, Prince Ren, that he has to find the lost Treasures of Rule to stop the Dark Water. Ren travels to the town of Janda where he meets the monkeybird Niddler, the female warrior Tula and the ex-pirate Ioz,... Read more »
Pirates! Gold
Action, Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation, Strategy, Historical Battle (specific/exact), Top-Down
Size: 784 kb
Downloads: 14347
Pirates! Gold As with the original, this is a blend of strategy, action and adventure. Pirates! Gold lets you play the role of a beginning buccaneer in the 17th century Spanish Main, in search of fame and fortune. Each town in this untamed raw region has different surprises and dangers. How you acquire stature is... Read more »
Pit Fighter
Action, Arcade, Fighting, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 576 kb
Downloads: 593
Pit Fighter Pit-Fighter is a 3rd-person fight game that features digitized graphics of real fighters and zooming effects. Players select one of three fighters (Buzz, Ty or Kato) to take on anyone who dares. At the conclusion of a match, players are individually awarded a Knockout Bonus, Brutality Bonus, and a Fight... Read more »
Pitfall (32X)
Size: 2049 kb
Downloads: 2058
Pitfall (32X)  
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure
Action, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1181 kb
Downloads: 9732
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure A side-scroller in which you play adventurer Pitfall Harry Jr in search of his father Pitfall Harry.

You battle your way throught the Mayan jungles, waterfalls, deserted mines and can bungee jump and boomerang your way to safety.

There are 13 levels and the action is fast and gripping. You will need... Read more »

Action, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1421 kb
Downloads: 10035
Pocahontas Incarnation of the Disney cartoon; Pocahontas, along with a tag team partner in her raccoon friend, Meeko, goes about her homeland, helping her animal friends. As so is done, she will acquire animal spirits which will help her become stronger and bless her with new abilities.But soon enough she meets... Read more »
Pocket Monsters
Size: 718 kb
Downloads: 1606
Pocket Monsters  
Pocket Monsters 2
Size: 590 kb
Downloads: 1405
Pocket Monsters 2  

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