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Game Screenshot Brief description
NBA Jam 99
Simulation, Sports (Basketball)
Size: 10754 kb
Downloads: 311
NBA Jam 99 NBA Jam returns, this time removed of its flashy jams and flaming basketballs, replaced with a full simulation of basketball complete with all teams and players of the 99 season, full create-a-player and create-a-team modes, season, exhibition and shoot out modes.Total team management is also included,... Read more »
NBA Live 2000
Sports (Basketball)
Size: 11902 kb
Downloads: 892
NBA Live 2000 Basketball. Jordan. Great graphics. Jordan. Facial Animations and speech. Jordan. All the players from the 1999 - 2000 NBA season, including rookies. Plus All-Stars teams from past and present. Oh, and Jordan's back. And all that you have come to expect from EA Sports, including Jordan.
NBA Live 99
Sports (Basketball)
Size: 11406 kb
Downloads: 611
NBA Live 99 Play through the 98/99 NBA season or multiple seasons to build up your team over time. Or just jump straight to the playoffs. Trade, release or pick up free agents to add to your team. Have a bit of fun with the 3 point shootout mode. And a host of new player animations, including facial animations,... Read more »
NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC
Sports (Basketball), 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 14215 kb
Downloads: 763
NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is a descendant of the original NBA Jam, and is created by some of the key team members. The game follows in the footsteps of NFL Blitz, featuring the option to save personal records and a cheat code system operated by pressing a sequence of buttons. It also features unlock-able... Read more »
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Size: 22244 kb
Downloads: 2447
Neon Genesis Evangelion  
New Tetris, The
Size: 15385 kb
Downloads: 8554
New Tetris, The In this new version Tetris, from the same people that brought Tetris into the 3D sphere world, you can now play a 4 player game, and dump your cleared lines to another player using 'garbage'.In the single player mode, the total lines cleared in every match that you play are added up, and once you reach... Read more »
NFL Blitz
Action, Sports (Football (American)), 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 12943 kb
Downloads: 459
NFL Blitz The first PC conversion of the arcade hit, NFL Blitz gives the National Football League the same over-the-top treatment that Midway had used so effectively with NBA Jam. Features include exaggerated muscle-bound player models, "turbo" buttons, fast action, and some pretty wild rules changes... Read more »
NFL Blitz - Special Edition
Size: 13448 kb
Downloads: 395
NFL Blitz - Special Edition  
NFL Blitz 2000
Action, Sports (Football (American)), Arcade, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 13540 kb
Downloads: 481
NFL Blitz 2000 New edition of Midway's "NFL Jam" action/sports game where the emphasis is on bone-crushing action rather than sport simulation.Additions this year come in the form of a season mode, a simpler passing system based on preset buttons (gone is the "aiming" mechanism) as well as a limited... Read more »
NFL Blitz 2001
Action, Sports (Football (American)), Arcade, Real-Time, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 13402 kb
Downloads: 602
NFL Blitz 2001 No refs... No rules... Just 'classic' gridiron. Late hits, pass interferences, and other penalties are encouraged (though you can't run offside). Cheerleaders in, well, cheerleading uniforms liven up the end of the first and third quarter and there's enough stats to make the mathematically inclined happy.... Read more »

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