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Game Screenshot Brief description
NFL Quarterback Club 2000
Sports (Football (American))
Size: 11222 kb
Downloads: 447
NFL Quarterback Club 2000 QC returns for another season. For the third time around, improvements over the previous titles include far more player detail and animations during plays (thanks to 1200 motion captured moves) and more moves and strategies.In terms of gameplay, the usual assortment of options are included, from full... Read more »
NFL Quarterback Club 2001
Sports (Football (American))
Size: 10366 kb
Downloads: 653
NFL Quarterback Club 2001 The final QC title on N64 follows in the similar footsteps of the previous three titles on the console, with a full on NFL football simulation with all the teams, players and stats.Modes include Exhibition, Season, Practice & Pro Bowl, with the option to play past NFL Super Bowl games our create... Read more »
NFL Quarterback Club 98
Sports (Football (American))
Size: 10843 kb
Downloads: 445
NFL Quarterback Club 98 Acclaim and Iguana come together for a full-on NFL football title. QC98 features full season, exhibition and playoff modes right through the the Super Bowl, with every team, player and stat from the 1998 season.You can also play historic Super Bowl games from past years, where you play as a specific... Read more »
NFL Quarterback Club 99
Sports (Football (American))
Size: 11150 kb
Downloads: 506
NFL Quarterback Club 99 Plenty of new additions have been made to this, the second Acclaim NFL title on the N64.Updates to every team, from player stats to team records, are included, along with 6 European NFL clubs, while team plays and AI strategy features the mind of New York Jets offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, and... Read more »
NHL 99
Sports (Hockey), 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 11040 kb
Downloads: 1482
NHL 99 After the award-winning NHL 98, EA worked to improve what was considered to be one the most complete ice hockey games in the market. Along the usual and almost obligatory NHL roster updates, the International mode first featured in the previous version was expanded, allowing players to choose IIHF rules... Read more »
NHL Blades of Steel '99
Sports (Hockey)
Size: 8718 kb
Downloads: 690
NHL Blades of Steel '99 Konami returns to the ice rink, in this updated version of the NES classic, Blades of Steel.On this occasion, all 27 NHL teams (featuring every player from the 98/99 season) are supported, along with the ability to create your own player.Play modes include Exhibition, Season and Playoff, with up to 4... Read more »
NHL Breakaway 98
Sports (Hockey), 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 10722 kb
Downloads: 554
NHL Breakaway 98 This ice hockey game has a playbook-based AI system based on the teams' actual playbooks allowing for specific teams to play their actual styles, with variable player size, from big defensemen to small speedy wingers. There is a total team management system to make trades, improve coaching, create draft... Read more »
NHL Breakaway 99
Size: 9742 kb
Downloads: 702
NHL Breakaway 99  
Nightmare Creatures
Action, Arcade, Fighting, Horror, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 9725 kb
Downloads: 2468
Nightmare Creatures Battle the bloodthirsty creatures that wander across the streets of London in 1834. Control the monk Ignatius and Nadia to dismember legions of diabolical demons using lethal weapons, deadly moves and special powers. Gory...
Nintama Rantarou 64 Game Gallery
Size: 2654 kb
Downloads: 378
Nintama Rantarou 64 Game Gallery  

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