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Game Screenshot Brief description
Public Domain
Size: 4670 kb
Downloads: 575
Public Domain  
Raiden (1994)
Action, Arcade, Shooter, Top-Down
Size: 1664 kb
Downloads: 857
Raiden (1994) In the year 2090, Earth is invaded by extra-terrestrials. The World Alliance of Nations has developed a supersonic attack fighter, Raiden, to defend the Earth. A pilot must take control of the experimental fighter to destroy the alien warships that just happen to look like odd variations of typical military... Read more »
Rayman (1995) (UBI Soft)
Action, Arcade, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 3987 kb
Downloads: 3422
Rayman (1995) (UBI Soft) You play as Rayman a cute big nosed chap with no legs, no arms and a head without visible means of support

The game is a traditional side scroller with beautiful landscapes as backgrounds from psychadelic to more psychadelic . Not ground breaking but a welcome refreshment from all the violent games... Read more »

Ruiner Pinball (1995)
Action, Horror, Pinball, Post-Apocalyptic, Top-Down
Size: 1691 kb
Downloads: 654
Ruiner Pinball (1995) Ruiner Pinball is a collection of two fantasy pinball tables: Ruiner and Tower.Ruiner is a two screen wide table that features flashy scaling and rotation effects. There are lots of ramps and animated moving targets to score on. Ruiner has a cold war nuclear holocaust theme.Tower is an extra-tall table... Read more »
Super Burnout (1995)
Racing / Driving, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 1881 kb
Downloads: 956
Super Burnout (1995) Super Burnout is an arcade-style superbike racing game. You control an ultra-fast motorcycle through races that take place on famous tracks throughout the world. You have 6 bikes to choose from, and can race on a total of 8 different tracks.The usual racing game modes are present here. There is a... Read more »
Super Cross 3D (1995)
Size: 1008 kb
Downloads: 724
Super Cross 3D (1995)  
Syndicate (1995) (Ocean)
Action, Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy, Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Real-Time, Isometric
Size: 1560 kb
Downloads: 960
Syndicate (1995) (Ocean) In the future, the world is controlled by a handful of global corporations (syndicates). You are the Marketing director (hit man) for one of these companies. It is your job to take control away from the competitors. The job is not one of diplomacy, but one of brute force and physical control. Advance... Read more »
Tempest 2000 (1994)
Action, Arcade, Shooter, Top-Down
Size: 862 kb
Downloads: 688
Tempest 2000 (1994) Tempest 2000 is a remake/upgrade of the popular Atari vector graphics-based shooter.Blast your way through over 100+ levels, shooting the creatures that come out from the other side of the web to drag you in. Collect power-ups (jump, AI robots and more) to trippy graphics and colorful explosions as a... Read more »
Theme Park (1995) (Ocean)
Strategy, Managerial, Top-Down
Size: 1625 kb
Downloads: 942
Theme Park (1995) (Ocean) Dominating the exciting world of Theme Park ownership is your goal in this strategy game from Bullfrog. The first task is to set up your rides within the available land, structuring convenient paths and queues and ideally leaving some space for bigger rides once they become available, and include some... Read more »
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (1993)
Action, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1590 kb
Downloads: 768
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (1993) The Crescent Galaxy has been attacked by an entity known as Odd-it. This creatures goal is to make everything odd, like it. You play Trevor McFur, a corporal in the Crescent Galaxy's chapter of the Interplanetary Defense squad and are sent in along with your feline partner Cutter to defeat Odd-it. The... Read more »

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