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Game Screenshot Brief description
International Sensible Soccer (1995)
Action, Sports (Soccer / Football (European)), Top-Down
Size: 948 kb
Downloads: 668
International Sensible Soccer (1995) Released alongside the 1994 World Cup, this was the first version of Sensible Soccer to feature teams from outside Europe. The World Cup tournament is featured in full, and you can adjust which 24 teams this features, a particularly crucial feature for English and French fans, as their nations failed... Read more »
Iron Soldier (1994)
Action, Simulation, BattleMech, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 1st-Person Perspective
Size: 1588 kb
Downloads: 982
Iron Soldier (1994) It is the future, and the earth has been covered with wastelands and cities. The powerful, faceless Iron First Corporation has replaced the last forms of free government. Now, they are developing a new, 42-foot, armed robot known as the Iron Soldier. With the Iron Soldier, no one will be able to stop... Read more »
Kasumi Ninja (1994)
Action, Fighting, Martial Arts, Side-Scrolling
Size: 3321 kb
Downloads: 1957
Kasumi Ninja (1994) On the tiny island of Kasumi, there exists a portal between this world and the Netherworld. For many centuries, this portal has been kept closed by the balance between good and evil forces. Now, the dark ninja lord Gyaku has defeated the forces of good, and opened the portal to the netherworld. It... Read more »
Missile Command 3D (1995)
Action, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, 1st-Person Perspective
Size: 1853 kb
Downloads: 810
Missile Command 3D (1995) Missile Command 3D is an update to the classic Atari arcade game. The goal in Missile Command is to defend your cities against an onslaught of missiles coming from the sky. Your arsenal consists of three anti-missile flak cannons. You have to position the anti-missile clouds in the path of the incoming... Read more »
Music Demo (2002) (ScatoLOGIC)
Size: 1009 kb
Downloads: 544
Music Demo (2002) (ScatoLOGIC)  
Native (1997)
Size: 764 kb
Downloads: 574
Native (1997)  
NBA Jam TE (1996)
Action, Sports (Basketball), 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 2728 kb
Downloads: 883
NBA Jam TE (1996) This game lets you play two-on-two arcade basketball with players from all the NBA teams. Gameplay is fast and action-packed, with special moves including SuperJam power-ups, wild celebrations and deliberately unrealistic jamming. Players are rated out of ten on eight ability categories, from steals... Read more »
Pinball Fantasies (1995) (Computer West)
Action, Arcade, Pinball, Top-Down
Size: 1601 kb
Downloads: 638
Pinball Fantasies (1995) (Computer West) After the success of Pinball Dreams on several systems, a sequel featuring four new tables was created. The gameplay is much the same as the first game, with realistic physics, multi-player options and a high score table to aim for. The tables are Partyland, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Gameshow and... Read more »
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (1995)
Action, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 1978 kb
Downloads: 1090
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (1995) A side-scroller in which you play adventurer Pitfall Harry Jr in search of his father Pitfall Harry.

You battle your way throught the Mayan jungles, waterfalls, deserted mines and can bungee jump and boomerang your way to safety.

There are 13 levels and the action is fast and gripping. You will need... Read more »

Power Drive Rally (1995) (TWI)
Racing / Driving, Top-Down
Size: 1864 kb
Downloads: 838
Power Drive Rally (1995) (TWI) Power Drive Rally is a view into the exciting world of rally racing. This game is an overhead-view racer featuring real cars and tracks based on locations around the world.The main game mode portrays a season of championship racing. There are several types of races that you will encounter. First,... Read more »

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