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Arc The Lad - Kijin Fukkatsu

DescriptionDescription Two generations ago, there was a great battle between the humans and the machines. Led by their evil god, the machines were eventually able to win the battle and to take control over the world. You play the role of Elc, the hero of Arc the Lad 2. As always, Elc is a freelance mercenary who gets assignments from his guild. He encounters Finia, a girl who belonged to a resistance group and whose mother was killed by the machines. With the help of other friends, the heroes must save the humanity and restore the world to normal.This is a side-story in Arc the Lad series, set in a futuristic environment. As in the classic Arc the Lad games, the entire dungeon navigation is perceived as a series of continuous battles. You move your heroes in turn-based mode, and enemies use their turn to perform their moves. You can attack once an enemy is on a square near you, and also use a variety of special techniques.
Genre Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Anime / Manga, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based, Top-Down
SizeSize 2573 kb
Release date: 04.07.2002
Developer: Bandai Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Bandai Co., Ltd.
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Downloads 828

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