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Five random games

Game Screenshot Brief description
Meta Communication Therapy nee Kiite!
Size: 945 kb
Downloads: 273
Meta Communication Therapy nee Kiite!  
Nobunaga no Yabo
Simulation, Strategy, Historical Battle (specific/exact), Top-Down
Size: 143 kb
Downloads: 314
Nobunaga no Yabo In the 16th century, Japan's Sengoku ("Warring States") period divided the nation into numerous feudal states, each ruled by a daimyo. These daimyos would often go to war with each other. Many dreamt of conquering the land, becoming the Shogun and ruling the entire country. One of those daimyos... Read more »
SD Gundam G Generation - Gather Beat 2
Size: 2616 kb
Downloads: 326
SD Gundam G Generation - Gather Beat 2  
Magical Drop
Action, Strategy, Anime / Manga, Puzzle-Solving, Top-Down
Size: 359 kb
Downloads: 289
Magical Drop Somewhere in the world, there is a precious item called magical drop. Anyone who finds it will be granted happiness, or will be able to execute revenge upon his enemy. No wonder many people are trying to get this item. But the way to obtain it is not easy...This is a puzzle game in which different balloons... Read more »
Itou Jun Ni Uzumaki Noroi Simulation
Adventure, Simulation, Anime / Manga, Horror, Interactive Fiction with Graphics, Managerial, 3rd-Person Perspective, Top-Down
Size: 628 kb
Downloads: 310
Itou Jun Ni Uzumaki Noroi Simulation In this game you take play as the "Spiral Curse" of Uzumaki trying to bring curling madness to all of KurГґzu-Cho! Kirie Goshima returns but no longer as a beloved protagonist. Now she is a target, one of many, that you will try to infect with the spiral curse. In this oddly comic twist on... Read more »

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