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Five random games

Game Screenshot Brief description
T-Tris (1996) by Bastian Schick
Strategy, Puzzle-Solving, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 12 kb
Downloads: 380
T-Tris (1996) by Bastian Schick This is the game Tetris designed to run on the Atari Lynx. For those who have been living under a rock for the last two decades, I will explain: colored shapes fall from the top of the screen. You must arrange these shapes so they form a complete line across the playing field. If the stack reaches the... Read more »
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (1990)
Action, Adventure, Strategy, Medieval / Fantasy, Top-Down
Size: 93 kb
Downloads: 366
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (1990) Generations ago an enchanted Star Gen crashed to Earth at the base of an ancient castle. Loathsome creatures crept from the castle and carried the Gem into the depths of the fortress.All attempts to retrieve the Star Gem failed. The adventurers were destroyed.The creatures in the castle gain magical... Read more »
Awesome Golf (1991)
Size: 194 kb
Downloads: 340
Awesome Golf (1991)  
Lynx Casino (1992)
Size: 123 kb
Downloads: 295
Lynx Casino (1992)  
Rampage (1991)
Action, Arcade, Fighting
Size: 138 kb
Downloads: 331
Rampage (1991) George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary Americans, until an experiment went wrong, turning them into a Gorilla, Lizard and Werewolf respectively. Following this, the three of them plan to go round destroying buildings, and up to 3 human players can join in.Smashing at the edges of the buildings for... Read more »

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