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Pac-Man Collection

DescriptionDescription 4 classic Pac-Man games are included in this collection from Namco:Pac-Man: The original arcade classic, complete and un-cut. Pac-Mania: A conversion of the 1987 update to Pac-Man, which takes the elements of the original arcade game and puts it into an isometric view, as well as adding the ability to jump.Pac-Man Arrangement: Never re-produced outside of the arcade, Arrangement again uses the elements of the original Pac-Man and adds a fifth ghost, who can change shape and size when combined with the other 4 ghosts, and make life harder for Pac-Man. New power-ups are also included, like the ability to dash quickly around the screen, warp points to get from one place to the other and new ways of catching ghosts.Pac-Attack: Like Tetris before it, you must fit falling blocks together to complete a line to clear the screen. In this case, the falling tiles also have ghosts in them, and once the Pac-Man tile appears (a tile with the Pac-Man symbol), Pac-Man will eat all of the ghosts that are in his path until he gets to a dead end.
Genre Action, Arcade, Puzzle-Solving, Isometric, Top-Down
SizeSize 2654 kb
Other regions and versions Pac-Man Collection [http протокол] (2654 kb)
Pac-Man Collection [http протокол] (2665 kb)
ScreenshotsScreenshots Original size: 240x160. View full size! Original size: 240x160. View full size!
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Release date: 11.07.2001
Developer: Mass Media, Inc.
Publisher: Namco Limited
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