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Game Screenshot Brief description
S.C.I. - Special Criminal Investigation
Action, Racing / Driving, Shooter, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 305 kb
Downloads: 1536
S.C.I. - Special Criminal Investigation Three girls have been reported missing including the mayor's daughter, and Chase Special Investigations has asked you to track down five vehicles, mentioned in the mission briefing, who are believed to be involved in the kidnapping. Using a heavy-designed machine with a V6 DOHC 3000CC Twin Turbo Engine,... Read more »
Sadakichi Nanaban Series Hideyoshi no Ougon
Size: 203 kb
Downloads: 1194
Sadakichi Nanaban Series Hideyoshi no Ougon  
Action, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Side-Scrolling
Size: 174 kb
Downloads: 1623
Salamander In a distant part of the universe, an alien creature called Zelos was born. As he grew so did his appetite, and soon he began devouring galaxies, planets, and stars by the hundreds. Now your planet has appeared in Zelos' path, and it is up to you and a partner to fly into battle to save your world. Life... Read more »
Samurai Ghost
Action, Arcade, Medieval / Fantasy, Side-Scrolling
Size: 384 kb
Downloads: 1705
Samurai Ghost Samurai Ghost is the sequel to the arcade-only Genpei Toumaden. You star the game as the undead ronin Kagekiyo, who sets out on a quest for revenge to defeat the demons and mystical monsters that haunt the Japanese countryside.The game is an action side-scroller, in which you control Kagekiyo as he scrolls... Read more »
Size: 168 kb
Downloads: 1216
Sengoku Mahjong
Size: 103 kb
Downloads: 328
Sengoku Mahjong  
Strategy, Board / Party Game, Top-Down
Size: 53 kb
Downloads: 2283
Shanghai Shanghai is a tile-based game based on the ancient Chinese game of Mah-Jong - this was the first of many computer versions.The gameplay involves 144 tiles, each depicting different images, which have to be removed by matching them into pairs. The tiles are arranged in a gridded pattern, which is higher... Read more »
Action, Arcade, Fighting, 3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 150 kb
Downloads: 2078
Shinobi You control a ninja, Shinobi, who must battle his way through each level in search of hostages which must be rescued. You have shurikens, kicks and punches to defend yourself with. As well as the powerful ninja magic which can clear the screen of enemies in one go.Each level is broken down into smaller... Read more »
Shiryou Sensen
Size: 120 kb
Downloads: 1380
Shiryou Sensen  
Action, Anime / Manga, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Side-Scrolling
Size: 268 kb
Downloads: 1533
ShockMan In the sequel to Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman once again the player takes the role of either cyborg Tasuke or Kyapiko (renamed Arnold and Sonya for their US debut) to face an alien threat to the world.Both cyborgs have traded their energy blades for ranged attacks, which change the pacing of the game a... Read more »

  Authors: svd, Dremora, neoforma

E-mail: svd@step.lv

Design: Alexander Kalichava

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