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Five random games

Game Screenshot Brief description
Action, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Platform
Size: 1334 kb
Downloads: 662
Timecop Based off of the Jean Claude Van Damme film Timecop, this game acts as a sequel of sorts. We learned well from the film that the power time travel affords corrupts all men weaker than the Muscles from Brussels, and this has extended to the original inventor of time travel. He proclaims himself dictator... Read more »
Dragon Quest VI - Maboroshi no Daichi
Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based, 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 3816 kb
Downloads: 2600
Dragon Quest VI - Maboroshi no Daichi You and two of your friends decide to attack the Archenemy - the evil Mudo - in his castle. But as you reach his throne, he attacks you and send the three friends into three different places...Was this just a dream? You have just fallen out of your bed dreaming! It's time to go to the village elder,... Read more »
MoHawk & Headphone Jack
Size: 1308 kb
Downloads: 244
MoHawk & Headphone Jack  
ACME Animation Factory
Size: 682 kb
Downloads: 811
ACME Animation Factory  
Dark Half
Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Medieval / Fantasy, Isometric
Size: 1842 kb
Downloads: 658
Dark Half Through the Light came the Darkness, and through the Darkness came the Light. They were inseparable in the beginning, and gave birth to each other. Rukyu appeared before all the other creatures, the great demon of darkness, later to be known as the Satan. The divine hero-god Roda went up to his dark... Read more »

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