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Game Screenshot Brief description
Machine Gun Joe
Size: 22 kb
Downloads: 361
Machine Gun Joe  
Mahjong Sengoku Jidai
Size: 55 kb
Downloads: 397
Mahjong Sengoku Jidai  
Marble Madness
Action, Arcade, Isometric
Size: 78 kb
Downloads: 471
Marble Madness A port of the arcade game. The idea is deceptively simple: Guide a marble down a path without hitting any obstacles or straying off the course. The game is viewed from an isometric perspective, which makes it harder to stay focused on the direction the ball is to follow. There are tight corridors to... Read more »
Marksman Shooting - Trap Shooting
Action, Shooter, 1st-Person Perspective
Size: 30 kb
Downloads: 393
Marksman Shooting - Trap Shooting These two games allow you to use the Sega's Light Phaser to your advantage. In Marksman Shooting, you shoot red spots on a several number of targets in order to score points before they disappear. Try to shoot at least ten targets, otherwise your qualification score may be low. If you beat the qualification... Read more »
Master of Darkness
Action, Horror, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Size: 157 kb
Downloads: 557
Master of Darkness Master of Darkness is a Platformer very similar to Castlevania.You play as a psychologist trying to defeat Dracula. This requires you to fight your way through several spooky locations such as cemeteries, laboratories, castles or a house of wax dolls. To defeat your enemies, you can use several primary... Read more »
Masters of Combat
Size: 156 kb
Downloads: 497
Masters of Combat  
Maze Hunter 3D
Action, Side-Scrolling, Top-Down
Size: 79 kb
Downloads: 458
Maze Hunter 3D You are trapped in a twenty-level maze, and your job is to make your way toward the bottom, and get out alive. Pick up the iron bar and use it to destroy enemies that get in your way. They will respawn a few seconds after they have been killed. Go down warp holes to warp to another part of the level.... Read more »
Megumi Rescue
Size: 59 kb
Downloads: 355
Megumi Rescue  
Action, Arcade, Shooter, Top-Down
Size: 184 kb
Downloads: 407
Mercs Mercs is a shoot 'em up influenced by Ikari Warriors. You are an anti-terrorism soldier, and must rescue a former President from a Central African revolutionary gang. You run through each of the 8 levels, which primarily scroll horizontally, shooting everyone before they can shoot you. At times you will... Read more »
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Action, Platform
Size: 114 kb
Downloads: 873
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Moonwalker is pretty much based on the Michael Jackson movie. Mr. Big has kidnapped the children and has nasty things in store for them, like drugging them and making them slaves. It's up to Michael to use his powers and save his little friends.MJ can jump, throw magical stars and dance to counter his... Read more »

  Authors: svd, Dremora, neoforma

E-mail: svd@step.lv

Design: Alexander Kalichava

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