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Five random games

Game Screenshot Brief description
Size: 6 kb
Downloads: 291
Krusty's Fun House
Action, Puzzle-Solving, Side-Scrolling
Size: 146 kb
Downloads: 370
Krusty's Fun House Krusty the Clown's Fun House has been overrun by rats. You must help him to herd the rats into trap machines to clear them out. In order to do so, Krusty must manipulate his environment to set up pathways so that the rats are headed in the right direction. Objects that Krusty move around include blocks,... Read more »
Golden Axe Warrior
Action, Adventure, Anime / Manga, Medieval / Fantasy, Top-Down
Size: 156 kb
Downloads: 401
Golden Axe Warrior Golden Axe Warrior is a spin-off of the Golden Axe games, a series of side-scrolling Beat'Em Ups from Sega.

In ancient times a horde of giants rebelled against the elders and a brutal war ensued. Things looked grave until finally a hero, carrying the Golden Axe, appeared and drove back the giants.... Read more »

Action, Arcade, Helicopter, Shooter, Side-Scrolling
Size: 161 kb
Downloads: 288
Choplifter Choplifter is a side-scrolling action/arcade game that puts you in command of an attack chopper. Your mission: Go behind enemy lines and rescue up to 16 hostages per level. Be careful, though, because tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you -- and they won't stop shooting while you are rescuing... Read more »
Size: 5 kb
Downloads: 196

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