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Ultimate Qix

DescriptionDescription Volfied is originally an arcade game developed by Taito in the late 80's. The game is very similar to Qix -- you take control of an object whose purpose is roam the screen, forming shapes and removing them from the play field. By way of reward, a picture is gradually revealed in the removed areas of the screen.The borders of the area which you have not cleared becomes the border of the area you can move along.Your object must avoid contact with any of the enemies which float around the screen, as this will weaken and eventually destroy it. Barriers limit which parts of the border you can form boxes through. The goal is to clear 80% or more of the screen, and each additional percent adds more points to your balance.As an arcade conversion this game allows for 1 or two player games in three difficulty levels, but no passwords or saved games. It also has more stages than I could ever pass.
Genre Action, Arcade, Top-Down
SizeSize 125 kb
ScreenshotsScreenshots Original size: 256x224. View full size! Original size: 256x224. View full size!
Release date: 1991
Developer: Taito Corporation
Publisher: Taito Software Inc.
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Downloads 685

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