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Ooze, The

DescriptionDescription The Ooze is quite a little known (and bizzarre) game that was released towards the end of the Genesis's lifecycle. The story goes that you are a scientist with an experiment that went wrong resulting in you turning into a puddle of green ooze. You are washed down the sink and must make your way back to the lab (by completing a series of puzzles, etc.) to stop your boss taking over the world.The game is played from top-down perspective and you move around the level fighting enemies and solving puzzles. You can pick up more ooze and other items as you go which can help you get through each level.
Genre Action, Puzzle-Solving, Real-Time
SizeSize 472 kb
Release date: 1994
Developer: SEGA Corporation
Publisher: SEGA Corporation
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Downloads 1020

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