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Game Screenshot Brief description
Star Fox 64
Action, Adventure, Flight, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 21104 kb
Downloads: 33028
Star Fox 64 Fox McCloud returns to once again rid evil from the Lylat System in this 64-bit remake of the SNES hit. The main aim of the game is to fly your Arwing through many levels of deadly enemies and huge end bosses with three wingmen (Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi) following to help you out.... Read more »
Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth
Action, Arcade, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, 3rd-Person Perspective, Top-Down
Size: 8575 kb
Downloads: 7205
Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth takes place in the far future, where you are the last hope for Earth, which is being attacked by an alien race. The game features a top-down 3D scroller, similar to that of the arcade games 1943 or Raiden. You can take control of different space crafts, each with different... Read more »
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron
Action, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Size: 15542 kb
Downloads: 5156
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron  
Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire
Action, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 30166 kb
Downloads: 3272
Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire Set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Shadows tell the story of Prince Xizor's quest to replace Darth Vader as the most loved man on the Dark side of the force, and wipe out the Rebels chances of victory. And the only man that can stop him is you, Dash Rendar. Based on the novel of... Read more »
Star Wars Episode I - Battle for Naboo
Action, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Size: 24565 kb
Downloads: 2589
Star Wars Episode I - Battle for Naboo Take part in the Battle to save the planet Naboo, with a total of 15 land and air missions, using hovercrafts, the now famous Naboo cruiser, and all the crafts seen in the movie. Plus, cut scenes help guide the storyline, and everyones favourite music score is thrown in to add to the atmosphere of destroying... Read more »
Star Wars Episode I - Racer
Racing / Driving
Size: 23630 kb
Downloads: 3534
Star Wars Episode I - Racer Based upon the Pod Racing scenes of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, your mission as young Anakin Skywalker or as one of a collection of strange characters from around the Galaxy is to compete, survive and win in the high speed challenge of Pod Racing.Each character has a unique Pod that can... Read more »
StarCraft 64
Strategy, Managerial, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Top-Down
Size: 24098 kb
Downloads: 2374
StarCraft 64 In the distant future, a small group of human exiles have been doomed to fight for survival on the edge of the galaxy. Through military strength, espionage, and deceit, a unified Terran government has maintained an uneasy peace. But as resources and fuel run short, the Confederate nations find themselves... Read more »
Starshot - Space Circus Fever
Action, Adventure
Size: 12622 kb
Downloads: 566
Starshot - Space Circus Fever The space circus is heavily in debt, and it's up to Starshot to get the circus going, before the entire place is blown sky high by Wolfgang von Ravel and his robot clan. There are 7 huge levels in total to go through, with Starshots many different skills needed to complete each task.
Stunt Racer 64
Racing / Driving, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, 1st-Person Perspective, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 10367 kb
Downloads: 1735
Stunt Racer 64 This futuristic racer has you flying along specially built tracks, jumping through rings, pulling off aerial stunts and getting up to insane speeds.The main aim of the game, as with all racers, is to get to the finish line first. But by getting some air and landing through rings, or pulling off stunts,... Read more »
Super B-Daman - Battle Phoenix 64
Size: 9671 kb
Downloads: 795
Super B-Daman - Battle Phoenix 64  

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