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Vigilante 8

DescriptionDescription Take the law into your own hands.This game takes place all in the west of the United States, during a time of a oil shortage in 1976 all over the world. OMAR (Oil Monopoly Alliance Regime) was making money off the shortage, except off the U.S. OMAR hires the best terrorist money could buy ($100 million) this terrorist went by the name Sid Burn, his job is to destroy all gas refineries in the southwest of the U.S. so Omar can bring the U.S. to its knees, with the help from 5 other coyotes hired.Then later when gas went wild, 6 civilians by the name the Vigilantes with the leader Convoy a truck driver, fight against the Coyotes in different areas to keep them from succeeding.Choose from 8 characters with different endings with cars

ranging to classic 70's muscle cars to a school bus, each stacked high with all sorts of weapons. Lots of unlockables 2 hidden levels ( 3 hidden levels N64 version) 5 hidden characters and cars. Multiplayer, of course, is where it's at. The PSX version allows 2 players, while the N64 title allows 4 to go head-to-head.

Genre Action, Racing / Driving, Shooter, 3rd-Person Perspective
SizeSize 11546 kb
ScreenshotsScreenshots Original size: 320x240. View full size! Original size: 320x240. View full size! Original size: 320x240. View full size!
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Release date: 17.03.1999
Developer: Luxoflux Corp.
Publisher: Activision, Inc.
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