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Game Screenshot Brief description
Action, Strategy, Real-Time, Shooter, Top-Down
Size: 166 kb
Downloads: 1628
Rampart Tetris meets shoot-'em-up, Rampart was originally a one or two-player arcade game combining strategy and artillery action. Build your castle from Tetris-style pieces, place your cannons, bombard the enemy, try to repair, do it all over again. Later arcade revisions incorporated 3-player, and the PC... Read more »
Rasaaru Ishii no Childs Quest
Size: 85 kb
Downloads: 310
Rasaaru Ishii no Childs Quest  
Red Pig
Size: 102 kb
Downloads: 323
Red Pig  
Remote Control
Strategy, Game Show
Size: 103 kb
Downloads: 1190
Remote Control Remote Control is based on the MTV quiz show of the same name. During the game three contestants (computer or human controlled) compete by answering questions about various TV shows, movies, characters, or actors/actresses. There are two rounds of gameplay followed by a third "think real fast"... Read more »
Ren & Stimpy Show, The
Size: 111 kb
Downloads: 879
Ren & Stimpy Show, The  
Action, Fighting, Martial Arts, Side-Scrolling
Size: 308 kb
Downloads: 2034
Renegade This is the conversion of Taito's scrolling beat 'em up, which later produced unofficial sequels Target: Renegade and Renegade 3. The game is set on the mean streets of Brooklyn, which you must venture through to meet your girlfriend, and then rescue her from her kidnappers. This is split into five... Read more »
Rescue - The Embassy Mission
Action, Arcade, Shooter, Top-DownAction, Arcade, Platform, Side-ScrollingAction, Arcade, 3rd-Person PerspectiveAction, Shooter, Tank, Top-DownAction, Arcade, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Platform, Side-ScrollingAction, Arcade, Shooter, Tank, Platfor
Size: 90 kb
Downloads: 3191
Rescue - The Embassy Mission  
Ring King
Sports (Boxing), 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 69 kb
Downloads: 1893
Ring King Ring King is a port of an arcade game by the same name. Box your way from the lowest ranks up through the circuits, on your way to become world champion. Build your fighter up in training mode, or take on another player's boxer in a 2-player battle.
River City Ransom
Action, Fighting, Martial Arts, Side-Scrolling
Size: 262 kb
Downloads: 3266
River City Ransom The evil Slick has kidnapped Ryan's girlfriend and taken over the high school. You must play as either Ryan or Alex (second player) and fight your way through River City's merciless gangs before you can confront Slick and free your girl. Beat up punks and collect money to buy items which will make you... Read more »
Road Fighter
Racing / Driving, Arcade, Top-Down
Size: 21 kb
Downloads: 1553
Road Fighter A top view racing game. You have to reach the finish line before time reaches out. Don't crash into the wall, cars or trucks. Because if you do you will loose gasoline. You can get additional gasoline by picking up the hearts. Especially avoid the purple cars, they do change lanes! And remember... oil... Read more »

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