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Game Screenshot Brief description
Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Educational, Puzzle-Solving, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 18 kb
Downloads: 3585
Donkey Kong Jr. Math One of the first edutainment games for NES.Donkey Kong gives Junior some math problems ranging from simple to more challenging. Move up and down the vines to find the correct answers as fast as possible.
Door Door
Size: 13 kb
Downloads: 571
Door Door  
Size: 208 kb
Downloads: 572
Doraemon - Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu
Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Turn-based, 1st-Person Perspective, Top-Down
Size: 149 kb
Downloads: 452
Doraemon - Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu This game is based on the animГ© series about the mechanical blue cat Doraemon, who can turn dream into reality and create magical worlds where he helps people and fights the evil. Some time ago, Giga Zombie revived dead kings in order to conquer the world. Doraemon and his friends fought the evil being,... Read more »
Double Dare
Strategy, Game Show, Puzzle-Solving, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 142 kb
Downloads: 1415
Double Dare Double Dare is the computer version of the game show originally hosted by Marc Summers. Like the tv show, the game is basically a trivia game with the added enhancement of being able to answer the question, or take a dare. Dares consist of the Toss-up Challenge, the Physical Challenge, and in the last... Read more »
Double Dragon
Action, Arcade, Fighting, 3rd-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling
Size: 146 kb
Downloads: 8796
Double Dragon  
Double Dragon II - The Revenge
Action, Arcade, Fighting, 3rd-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling
Size: 154 kb
Downloads: 20931
Double Dragon II - The Revenge The lovely Marian was rescued from the clutches of the Shadow Boss by Billy & Jimmy Lee in the first Double Dragon game, but now he has kidnapped and killed her. This calls for a tough revenge mission against his henchmen.Gameplay follows the side-scrolling beat 'em up format, with 20 different types... Read more »
Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones
Action, Arcade, Fighting, 3rd-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling
Size: 155 kb
Downloads: 10577
Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones The final game in the trilogy.Billy and Jimmy Lee are returning from martial arts training when their paths cross a fortune teller. She tells them of a great evil in Egypt, their strongest adversary yet, and how the Rosetta Stones can aid them.This game features weapon shops where Billy and Jimmy can... Read more »
Double Dribble
Action, Sports (Basketball)
Size: 85 kb
Downloads: 813
Double Dribble Based on the arcade game, Double Dribble is a basketball action game for one or two players. You can select different time limits for games, select teams, and begin playing! Gameplay is entirely action, so no time needs to be spent customizing the teams or with statistics. You control each player on... Read more »
Double Moon Densetsu
Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG), Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based, 1st-Person Perspective, Top-Down
Size: 234 kb
Downloads: 371
Double Moon Densetsu The world of sword and magic, Double Moon, with its two continents - Northern and Southern - was created by the benevolent deity Fatima. However, the evil demon Samoirenko plans to destroy this world by summoning the mysterious dark Dragon. You take control of a young boy named Yuuru, whose father was... Read more »

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