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Game Screenshot Brief description
Cross Fire
Size: 102 kb
Downloads: 1466
Cross Fire  
Crystal Mines
Action, Strategy, Arcade, Puzzle-Solving, Top-Down
Size: 30 kb
Downloads: 1844
Crystal Mines You control a CM-205 mining robot, your goal is to retrieve "Starla" crystals from various mines on a remote planet. Using the robot you need to locate your quota of crystals while avoiding the many dangers present in the mines, including lava, rock slides, and unfriendly creatures. The robot... Read more »
Action, Role-Playing (RPG), Arcade, Puzzle-Solving, Top-Down
Size: 359 kb
Downloads: 3663
Crystalis October 1st, 1997 is known as END DAY. A great war encircles the globe and brings about an end to civilization. The surviving humans concluded that they could never repeat their mistakes and build a great tower in the sky to watch over the world and act accordingly to combat "evil". 100 years... Read more »
Cvetnie Linii
Size: 45 kb
Downloads: 367
Cvetnie Linii  
Sports (Football (American)), Strategy, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Size: 76 kb
Downloads: 344
Cyberball After American Football players started cheating by using bionic parts, the game was forced to change its rules. By 2022, the game was played not by humans, but two teams of seven robots. To spice things up, the usual pig skin ball was replaced with a 350 pound bomb.Cyberball brings this fast and furious... Read more »
Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine
Action, Arcade, Shooter, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 31 kb
Downloads: 1724
Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine There are three asteroids, hidden among thousands, where various minerals and precious gems were stored. It was believed the riches would be safe there, until the Zoggians discovered them! Now you have to fly an experimental spacefighter, the Cybernoid, into battle to recover the asteroids. The Cybernoid... Read more »
Cycle Race - Road Man
Size: 93 kb
Downloads: 470
Cycle Race - Road Man  

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