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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

DescriptionDescription Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade differs from the two other games with the same name as it is a hybrid of various genres such as platform action, motorcycle racing, puzzle solving and even some adventure elements.In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade you play Indy's role in his search for the Holy Grail, but this time it is you who chooses which step he will take at each part of his quest. For example, in the very beginning you receive a diary about the Grail from Indy's father, who is in Venice. At the same time, you receive a telegram from Marcus saying that the Cross of Coronado is in Portugal on a ship called Coronado, and that he'll meet Indy there. So you have to choose what you'll do first: go to Venice and check about the Grail and your father, or go to Portugal to find Marcus and the Cross of Coronado.In the entire game you'll be prompted with this choices, each one leading to different stages throughout the game. Each stage presents different game genres. For example, in Venice you find a scrambled picture of the Grail, and you have to try to put it back together, just like you'd do with the pieces of a puzzle. Besides, in the platform stages, Indy has plenty of movements, as he can punch, kick, walk, run, jump and use his whip.The game presents bitmaped pictures of the real movie actors, such as Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.
Genre Action, Adventure, Racing / Driving, Platform, Top-Down
SizeSize 245 kb
ScreenshotsScreenshots Original size: 175x159. View full size! Original size: 175x159. View full size! Original size: 175x159. View full size!
Release date: Mar, 1991
Developer: Taito Corporation
Publisher: Taito Corporation
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Downloads 4305

  Authors: svd, Dremora, neoforma

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Design: Alexander Kalichava

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