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Five random games

Game Screenshot Brief description
Sunday Funday
Size: 103 kb
Downloads: 195
Sunday Funday  
Ski or Die
Sports (Olympiad, Snowboarding / Skiing), Arcade
Size: 115 kb
Downloads: 2950
Ski or Die Ski or Die is a winter-themed extreme sports game in which the player can competes in 5 different events:Downhill Blitz: Downhill skiing event in which the player can make large jumps over chasms and perform stunts in the moguls section.Innertube Trash: Two players descend a mountain in innertubes. Score... Read more »
After Burner
Action, Arcade, Flight, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 165 kb
Downloads: 5107
After Burner Afterburner, the arcade game that thrilled young and old alike when it was released. With a hydralic seat and its flight control stick with a Vulcan cannon and missiles at your command.

This was a decent conversion of Sega's arcade hit ported to the PC. The game is viewed from behind the plane with... Read more »

Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Size: 113 kb
Downloads: 2174
Overlord You are the dictatorial ruler of the Epsilon Galaxy, who has obtained complete and unchallenged authority. However, during a scientific experiment in hyperdrive your scientists have discovered four "buffer" dimensions, each containing a number of barren planets, that exist between the Epsilon... Read more »
Fuzzical Fighter
Size: 117 kb
Downloads: 362
Fuzzical Fighter  

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