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Game Screenshot Brief description
Action, Historical Battle (specific/exact), 1st-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling
Size: 3037 kb
Downloads: 1532
NAM-1975 As a soldier, you and/or a friend must travel through Vietnam to stop the scientist and his world destroying laser machine. In the game, you must shoot enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and more by aiming the machine gun cursor and shooting at them. Within each location, you can pick up more... Read more »
Neo Bomberman
Action, Arcade, Top-Down
Size: 6103 kb
Downloads: 3142
Neo Bomberman As Bomberman, you must kill all the enemies in the level before proceeding to the next. To do this, you clear a path of blocks by setting bombs that will detonate a few seconds later, and then use the bombs to wipe out enemies. Some blocks will uncover power-ups, and depending on which ones you collect,... Read more »
Neo Drift Out: New Technology
Size: 8374 kb
Downloads: 1718
Neo Drift Out: New Technology  
Neo Mr. Do!
Action, Arcade, 3rd-Person Perspective
Size: 1567 kb
Downloads: 912
Neo Mr. Do! As the guy in the pom-pom hat, harvest all the items on the screen that are in groups of eight. If you manage to collect them without stopping, you receive more points than you do if you pause in-between. Monsters are out to get you, and travel along any paths you have made. They can also change shape... Read more »
Neo No Panepon (20021005, Non-MAME)
Size: 23 kb
Downloads: 602
Neo No Panepon (20021005, Non-MAME)  
Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf
Size: 9112 kb
Downloads: 1048
Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf  
NeoGeo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory
Size: 9769 kb
Downloads: 1342
NeoGeo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory  
NeoPong (v1.1, Non-MAME)
Size: 1967 kb
Downloads: 889
NeoPong (v1.1, Non-MAME)  
Nightmare in the Dark
Action, 3rd-Person Perspective, Platform
Size: 17462 kb
Downloads: 1859
Nightmare in the Dark This was an ancient story when people still believed in witchcraft.There lived one gravedigger at a very small village in a remote region. He lived a quiet, solitary life in a corner of the cemetery. He kept away from the village people due to his very ugly appearance. One day, he found the graves were... Read more »
Ninja Combat (Set 1)
Size: 2980 kb
Downloads: 2625
Ninja Combat (Set 1)  

  Authors: svd, Dremora, neoforma

E-mail: svd@step.lv

Design: Alexander Kalichava

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